Saturday, February 27, 2010

Salam Sejahtera..!

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Ok..semua gambar2 dh pun cgu letak kan dalam galeri dibawah..tapi mcm tak puas pulak coz nmpk kecil cgu postkan kat sini supaya semua puas hati..jangan lupa do your homework..!!

Inilah  reaksi semua waktu tgh study...faham ke..?
Nie pulak gambar sewaktu menjalankan eksperimen..amboi..seronok nampak..!! What is the conclusion..?

Ok..4 set gambar di atas adalah sewaktu PEKA (1) dijalankan di makmal...semua nampak sayang sangat ngan kotak "baby" masing2 ye...!!

Inilah kesimpulannya kepada semua gambar2 yg cgu ambil sewaktu kita bersama, belajar, mengeksperimen dan menjalankan PEKA...cgu akan terus mengambil gambar kita  utk aktiviti yg seterusnya ...!!

Salam Sekali lagi..

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Cgu terjumpa video yg sesuai utk students cgu tgk..ia berkaitan dgn apa yg telah kita pelajari...cuba tgk ye..

Salam Hujung MInggu..!!

Kita jumpa lagi.. disini cgu berikan  tambahan nota mengenai PEKA yang kita jangan lupa untuk melihat hasil eksperimen yang you all jalankan hari isnin nie..Harap2 pokok tu tak mati..maklumlah sekarang nie musim panas yang amat sangat...!! Berdoa je lah ye..!!

Ok..lets begin..!

Dazzle Junction Glitter Text


Shoe Box Potato Maze
This experiment requires a sturdy shoe box with a tight fitting lid.
You will also need a sprouting potato planted in a tea cup. Use toothpicks to hold the potato approximately one centimetre above the bottom of the tea cup and add water.
Try not to spill or splash water in the shoe box since water will eventually cause the cardboard to disintegrate.

Installing the light baffles
Open the box and install three light baffles as shown in the diagram to the left.
It is essential that these baffles be absolutely light-tight along all edges and against the lid when it is fitted. If the baffles are glued in place their edges should be light-sealed with a couple of layers of black duct tape.
Finally, cut a circular hole in the end of the box to admit light into the interior.

Installing the cover
It is important to prevent light from leaking over the top of the baffles where they come in contact with the lid. Two methods have proved useful.
  1. Cut a thin sheet of foam padding to fit exactly inside the lid.
  2. Cut three or four thickness of heavy felt to fit exactly inside the lid.
Carefully install the lid and gently weight it down so that it compresses the padding against the baffles and edges of the box.

Running the experiment
If the box is properly assembled, the only opportunity for light to enter the box is through the hole in the end of the box. Covering the box (leaving the hole exposed) with a black cloth provides additional protection from the effects of unwanted light entering the box.



This response is known as a phototropic response. The effect is called phototropism .



The green leaves of some plants are very sensitive to light. These plants have evolved to spontaneously grow towards a source of light.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Salam Mesra..

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The reflection and absorption of sound
1.   When sound waves are blocked by an object, they may be reflected or absorbed by the object.
2.   An object which has hard and smooth surfaces is a good sound reflector.
      Examples : Plank, glass, metal.
3.   Reflected sound is known as an echo(gema). Echo does not occur in a small room because sound is
      reflected very quickly.
4.   An object which has soft and rough surfaces is a good sound absorber. Therefore, soft materias are
      normally used reduce echo especially in a hall. Actions to reduce echo are :
      (a)   The floor of a hall is covered by carpets.
      (b)   Soft cushions and curtains are put in a hall or big room.
      (c)   The walls are lined by sponge or cardboard punched with holes.
5.   Some equipments are invented using the principle of echo to benefit mankind.


6.   Echo is used to prevent ships from colliding with rocks under the sea. Echo is also used to trace
      fishes in the ocean and to determine the depth of the ocean.


Hearing Defect
1.   The most common hearing defects are the inability to detect sound and the difficulty of hearing with
      with ease.
2.   Deafness may be caused by several factors :
      (a)   Damage of the ossicles.
      (b)   Damage of the eardrums.
      (c)   Damage of the cochlea.
      (d)   Damage of the auditory nerve.
3.   Bacterial or viral infections and high fever may lead to damage of the inner ear.
4.   Long exposure to loud sound may increase the chance of becoming deaf.
5.   Some of the hearing limitations can be corrected by using modern devices.
      (a)   Hearing aids can be used to help people with hearing problems.
      (b)   Surgery can be carried out to replace damaged ossicles and to repair damaged eardrums.
      (c)   Implantation of electronic gadgets into the ears can help deaf people to hear again.
6.   Nonetheless, a severe damage of the auditory nerves cannot be corrected.
7.   Looking after the ears :
      (a)   Prevent the ears from being exposed to loud sound, especially while listening to music.
      (b)   Avoid digging the ears with sharp objects.
      (c)   Avoid from inflicting tight slaps onto the ears.
      (d) Clean up the ears with cotton buds regularly so that the ear canal is not blocked.

Stereophonic hearing 

(a)   Hearing by using both sides of the ears is known as stereophonic hearing. 
(b)   Stereophonic hearing allows us to determine the direction of sound accurately.
        i.   A sound coming from the right side will stimulate the right ear first.
       ii.   The sound waves will then, reach the left ear. the impulses are sent to the brain to be
             interpreted earlier than the left ear.
       iii.  The right ear will hear the sound louder than the left ear.
       iv.  The differences in the loudness or speed of the sound that reaches the ears allows us to
             determine the direction or the source of sound.
(c)   The direction of sound is difficult to determine using only one ear.

Salam utk semua.!!

Nie gambar sewaktu buat eksperimen Sound and Vibration...yg lain ada kat galeri tau...


Salam Maulidur Rasul..!

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Aduh..susahnya nak upload gambar2 nie...wahai anak2 murid ku..bersabar ye..dari malam tadi cgu masuk2...hari nie cgu try lagi..!!

Ini masa tengah belajar...sapa ingat tentang ape..?

Ini pelajar kelas 2RK1..banyak lgi gambar..cgu cuba upload kat slide ye..byk2 mcm nie..jd panjang blog cgu.. yg laen nnti ada kat dalam slide....tunggu...

Sementara tungu...cuba selesaikan puzzle nie..!!

Boat and stone
Suppose you sit in a rubber boat in a swimming pool. In the boat lies a stone. You throw this stone from the boat into the pool. Will the water level in the pool raise or drop? ...........................
Ok...see ya...!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Salam 1 Malaysia..!!

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Aduh...lama rasanye cgu tk updated blog nie...ada ke yg rindu..?? Bukannye apa..cgu tahu you all cuti2 mana bukak blog nie...bila suruh ambil bahan je baru nak buka...jadi masa cuti tahun baru cina..cgu bagi you all cuti panjangggggg....he3.

Yes..cgu tahu ramai yg nak tengok gambar masa kita tengah belajar, buat eksperimen dan buat PEKA kan..!!
Cgu akan upload satu persatu ye..nanti panjang sangat lah pulak.. Bolehlah tunjukkan pada your parents yang kita tengah belajar..bukan main2 dalam lab..!!

Sambil cgu upload gambar..cgu tambahkan sedikit bahan utk bacaan ttg topik yg sedang kita pelajari..jgn lupa ye homework dalam buku SPS page 33-38...standby utk coming exam..!!Another execises will be updated later....

OK..let's begin ..!


Sound is a vibration. When something makes a noise it is vibrating, and this causes air molecules around it to vibrate too. These vibrations are transmitted through the air, to our ears, where we perceive them as sound.

You can actually see the effect of sound vibrations with an easy experiment. Get a bowl and cover the top with plastic sandwich wrap. Pull the plastic tight across the top in all directions until it is flat and smooth; tape it tight if necessary. Then sprinkle some salt onto the plastic.
Now get a pot and spoon; hold them near the bowl and hit the bottom of the pot hard with the spoon. You should see the salt jump on the plastic. Try yelling loudly next to the bowl, and you may be able to make the salt jump using the vibrations from your voice.

The loud noise you make is a vibration, which is transmitted through the air, to your ear and also to the plastic. The plastic vibrates, and makes the salt crystals jump! Let's examine how sounds from a vibrating object turn into sound you hear.

KLIK DISINI ini utk maklumat lanjut :

*** Awesome Puzzles:

What Am I ?  Riddle.
Write the letters from the clues on the line to work out the riddle.

My first is in  RAT but not in MAT                              
My second is in DAFT but not in DEFT                       
My third is in SINK but not in SANK                          
My fourth is in NOW but not in COW                        
My fifth is in BLUE but not in CLUE                           
My sixth is in DOWN but not in DAWN                     
My seventh is in WALK but not in TALK                  

Well..What am I ? _____________________________

Friday, February 12, 2010

Salam Mesra ..!

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cgu nak upload gambar yg cgu ambil sewaktu kita tgh study kat makmal...sorry laa..gambar nie tk time cgu akan ambil lg dan masukkan dalam blog kesayangan cgu nie..!!

Waktu nie kita tgh study apa ye...?? sapa boleh ingat...???



 Ini semua student kelas 2RK2...!! student kelas 2RK1 jagan marah time your picture pulak...!

Salam Cuti- Cuti Malaysia...!!

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Kepada semua anak murid cgu terutama yang berbangsa Cina,..cgu ucapkan "Happy New Year" and untuk yg lain...Selamat Bercuti...jgan lupa utk buat latihan yg cgu bagi hari nie..terima kasih sebab tak jemu2 buat latihan dari cgu..
Bangga betul cgu dapat anak murid macam you all...tak marah walaupun cgu sentiasa memberi teguran,...tak benci walaupun cgu  selalu bagi homework...(ye ke..?.) apa2pun cgu harap semua faham..apa y cgu buat utk kebaikan kita bersama kan..

Baik lah ...bila naik cuti nanti mesti sibuk..ada sukan...pas tu first hgn lupa buat ulang kaji..cgu akan masukkan soalan daripada tingkatan 1 sedikit utk exam nie..

Nanti cgu akan bagi tau chapter apa yg akan cgu until then...happy holidays..happy new year...anad take care..!!

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Glitter Photos
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Dan ini khas untuk semua student cgu yang baik2 belaka...!!!
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Salam Sekali Lagi....!!

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Disebabkan masalah teknikal,..test yg cgu janjikan utk esuk n lusa akan cgu batalkan..mungkin kita buat laen kali je..ramai yg tak de esuk kan..pergi lawatan ke kita tunda je test utk chapter dari Form 1 tu..

Anyway..P&P tetap dijalankan pada hari esuk..yg tak de tu...sorry laa...coz tomorrow we will learn more about optic illusion...interesting chapter yo..!!

See ya..!!
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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Salam untuk semua yg membaca..!!

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Maaf jika lama cgu tak update blog nie..Harap semua faham kerana minggu nie dan minggu yg akan dtg merupakn minggu yg paling kritikal bagi cgu.Paling memenatkan dan paling memerlukan pengorbana yg besar dari cgu..
Namun kerana kasih dan sayang cgu utk semua ank2 murid cgu..akan cgu usahakan utk mengisi bahan2 bacaan tambahan dalam blog cgu nie..tak sangka blog yg suka2 cgu bina nie rupa2nya mampu juga menghilangkan stress cgu..ada tempat  tersendiri utk cgu  luahkan rasa hati..jgn pulak kalian bosan ye..!!

Walaupun penat, walaupun tidur mlm cgu cuma berbaki 3-4 jam sehari namun cgu akan cuba memberikan ilmu kepada kalian terutama yg rajin membuka blog cg nie..Banyakkan membaca ye kerana membaca je akan membezakan setiap org manusia itu daripada jahil kepada tidak..semoga semua faham maksud cgu.. let's start..!

Next week, we will study about short and long sightedness and how to correct it. For 2RK1, we have finish the lesson last week..but for 2RK2..we will begin it on Monday..Cgu harap 2RK1 faham dgn jelas opik nie..susah ke..?? Cgu harap tidak...he he he. So ini cgu berikan notes tambahan utk you all baca.

Eye Problems

Short Sightedness (Myopia) This occurs when light focuses in front of the retina and causes a blur in the distance. It often develops during the early teenage years and is often noticed when the blackboard becomes difficult to read.


What happens in short sighted eyes?

Long Sightedness (Hypermetropia) This occurs when the eye naturally can't focus light onto the retina and its point of focus is behind the retina. Most young children are longsighted but often grow out of it. Headaches after concentrated work are often a sign that someone is long sighted and may benefit from glasses.

What happens in long sighted eyes?


This occurs when the front of the eye is shaped more like a rugby ball rather than a football. People who suffer from this type of refractive error may screw up their eyes or be sensitive to light.


Well..ini sahaja extra notes utk you all baca..ada banyak lagi bahan2 bacaan dalam imej utk short or long sightedness..then pilih web yg anda suka..

See you all next week...with luv...bye!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hari nie..biarlah lirik lagu ini menerangkan segala-galanye..!! hayati dan fahamilah ia..!!

Glitter Words
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Biarku menjadi lilin
Memberikan cahaya
Terangi sekeliling dengan diri terbakar
Tak siapa yang sedar
Disaat kegelapan rela aku berkorban
Demi satu harapan

Biar masa berlari
Dan kau terus mendaki
Aku tenang disini dengan sabar menanti
Tanpa dendam dan benci
Andainya kau terjatuh terluka dan tersungkur
Kurawat biar sembuh

Aku tak kan bertanya
Apakah nanti balasannya
Setiap pengorbanan setiap pemberian
Demi satu ikatan

Keikhlasan dihati
Walaupun kau ragui
Pada suatu masa dan suatu ketika
Akan ketara jua

Biarku menjadi lilin
Memberikan cahaya
Saat kau kesepian saat kau kegelapan
Kurela menerangkan

Aku senang begini dapat terus berbakti
Dengan cara sendiri

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