Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Salam Hujung Tahun....!!

Seperti yg cgu janjikan...kita akn memulakn P&P tk lama lagi...so are U ready..?...cgu berikan sedikit penerangan tentang tajuk pertama yg akan kita pelajari nnti...jangan lupa study ye...

Why do you need to breathe?
- To live
- To get energy
All the cells in your body require oxygen. Without it, they couldn't move, build, reproduce, and turn food into energy. In fact, without oxygen, they and you would die! Breaking of glucose with the present of oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water and energy.

Glucose + oxygen ---> carbon dioxide + water + energy

How do you breathe?
You breathe with the help of your diaphragm and other muscles in your chest and abdomen. These muscles literally change the space and pressure inside your body to accomodate breathing. When your diaphragm pulls down, it not only leaves more space for the lungs to expand but also lowers the internal air pressure. Outside, where the air pressure is greater, you suck in air in an inhale. The air then expands your lungs like a pair of balloons. When your diaphragm relaxes, the cavity inside your body gets smaller again. Your muscles squeeze your rib cage and your lungs begin to collapse as the air is pushed up and out your body in an exhale.

5 steps in inhalation
a) external intercostal muscles contract while internal set relaxes.
b) Diaphragm contracts and flatten
c) Ribs cages moves upwards and outwards. This increase volume of thoracic cavity and decreasing the pressure.
d) Pressure in lungs is lower than the atmospheric pressure.
e) Air from outside enters the lungs

Ok...sampai sini dulu...nanti cgu upload lagi...sementara itu...cuba2lah study dulu dan try buat soalan-soalan yang ada...until then...bye...


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